On site ductwork is a specialty at EAS. Duct sections are formed almost entirely without contact from human hands, drastically reducing contamination. The EAS duct fabrication coil line has the ability to produce 40,000 lbs. of ductwork per day. The sheet metal fabrication shop utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and is operated in a controlled and clean environment.

After Field Superintendents call in field releases, ductwork is usually scheduled with a one-day delivery. The EAS sheet metal shop sets the benchmark above SMACNA standards, which produce the highest quality installed systems to the end user.

  • 3pinkdot10x10All cleaned and wrapped regardless of SPEC
  • 3pinkdot10x10Fabrication of ductwork of any material and any gauge to meet almost any SPEC
  • 3pinkdot10x10Custom duct fittings using tried and true sheet metal fabrication process
  • 3pinkdot10x10State-of-the-art Equipment
  • 3pinkdot10x10Efficiency and Quality Exceed 100%
  • 3pinkdot10x10All EAS ductwork exceeds SMACNA specifications