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Carolinas Medical Center Union Campus


Monroe, North Carolina


On Site Hospital Air Handler Replacement Shutdown


Project Overview:

This project consisted of two 48 hour hospital shutdowns in order to replace aging equipment. The project could not effect hospital staff or patients during normal hours, therefore the work was performed over weekend shutdowns. The duration of AHU replacement was restricted due to the critical areas they served including 6 operating rooms, post-surgery, acute care, sterile processing and the pharmacy.

Project Highlights:

1. EAS provided turnkey mechanical contracting installation over two shutdowns to replace two aging air handlers.

2. Temporary portable cooling units were used to condition the pharmacy and sterile processing during shut down.

3. Existing air handlers were located in a basement with restricted access, requiring careful planning of rigging the unit sections with a 350 ton crane so they could be moved into the building.

4. 48 hour time frame give from beginning of demolition to completion of the new air handling unit including inspections, electrical, controls, piping and testing.

Technical Details:

(1) 21,000 CFM Air handler

(1) 42,000 CFM Air handler

Air handler components include (3) 7.5 HP or 10 HP return fans with economizer section, pre-filters, hot water pre-heat coils, pre and post cooling coils with Ultraviolet lights, (3) 25 HP supply fans and final filters

Disconnection and demolition of existing units, ductwork, controls, electrical and piping connections took place during the first 8 hours

New air handler sections set in place with a crane and rigging crew then moved into the building and set on equipment pads using mechanical and hydraulic equipment over the next 4 hours

New supply and return air ductwork, chilled and heating water piping and electrical and all controls were connected over the 29 hours. Clean up, filter installation, UV light installation and testing began at the end of this period

The controls contractor began implementing/downloading controls programs and completing point to point checkout in the last 7 hours of the shutdown

Within the last 3 hours, the local inspections department, including county and fire marshal inspectors completed inspections

Careful coordination and extensive up front planning made this another successful shutdown replacement project.