EAS designs each AHU to meet and exceed the customized needs of the exact project application. EAS always uses the highest quality materials for construction. EAS AHUs are all aluminum with a foam core panel and true “No Through Metal.”
The company’s innovative design approach and experience provides the most efficient systems while maintaining the best serviceability for maintenance. Designed and constructed off site, EAS AHUs can be pre-piped, pre-wired and pre-controlled to save installation time, overall cost and to improve the quality and safety of the completed product.

AHUs are shipped directly to the final destination where the EAS team will quickly install the system in a matter of days instead of weeks by having completed much of the trade work prior to shipment and delivery. EAS sets the benchmark for quality, efficiency, and innovation.

  • 3pinkdot10x1050+ year AHU casing designed to last the life of the building
  • 3pinkdot10x10Structural steel and structural aluminum base material
  • 3pinkdot10x10Foam core panels with aluminum interior and exterior skin as standard
  • 3pinkdot10x10Foam panels are 94% porous free and do not absorb moisture
  • 3pinkdot10x10True no thru metal construction utilizing phenolic thermal break
  • 3pinkdot10x10Panels are NFPA 90 A & B Compliant
  • 3pinkdot10x10Double gasket doors providing 0% leakage @ 10”wg.
  • 3pinkdot10x103 Point latching hardware with single locking handle on all doors
  • 3pinkdot10x10True no thru metal NFPA 90 test port provided on each door
  • 3pinkdot10x10Continuous full height Stainless Steel Piano Hinge on each door
  • 3pinkdot10x1012” x 12” wire reinforced windows in each door
  • 3pinkdot10x10Patented aluminum extrusions with phenolic thermal break
  • 3pinkdot10x103/16” Aluminum safety tread floor throughout
  • 3pinkdot10x10Continuously welded floor seams creating 2” deep pan throughout entire unit
  • 3pinkdot10x10Recessed 8”x 12” floor drains in each access section with welded drain pipe extended to exterior of base
  • 3pinkdot10x10All Fasteners are stainless steel
  • 3pinkdot10x10Fully welded casing construction eliminates penetrations in the exterior of the unit
  • 3pinkdot10x10Fully welded aluminum IAQ drain pans triple sloped to prevent standing water
  • 3pinkdot10x10Coil headers piped to exterior of unit casing and provided with flanged connection
  • 3pinkdot10x10Cooling coils provided at 450FPM or less as a standard to prevent moisture carryover
  • 3pinkdot10x10All stainless steel coil supports provided as a standard
  • 3pinkdot10x10Drain pans extended downstream a minimum of ½ coil fin height eliminating condensate carryover
  • 3pinkdot10x10304SS intermediate drain pans with 2” drains individually extended to base drain pan
  • 3pinkdot10x10Each fan individually isolated using minimum 2” seismic spring isolators, flexible connections and thrust restraints
  • 3pinkdot10x10Fan stands are fully welded aluminum
  • 3pinkdot10x10Fans are mounted in the center of the airstream for most efficient airflow
  • 3pinkdot10x10All fans provided with Premium efficient TEFC Motors
  • 3pinkdot10x10Monorails provided in each fan section for fan/motor removal
  • 3pinkdot10x104’ vapor tight fluorescent lights provided in each section
  • 3pinkdot10x10Rigid aluminum conduit provided throughout
  • 3pinkdot10x10Industrial grade electrical components and fittings
  • 3pinkdot10x10Filter frames provided with stiffeners between each rack
  • 3pinkdot10x101/2% leakage at 1.5 times design static pressure
  • 3pinkdot10x10Full time installation supervision provided with every unit
  • 3pinkdot10x10Startup services
  • 3pinkdot10x10Turnkey installation services
  • 3pinkdot10x10Pre-Commissioned
  • 3pinkdot10x10Plug and play electrical and controls incorporated into design
  • 3pinkdot10x10Factory leakage and deflection testing standard
  • 3pinkdot10x10Field testing services
  • 3pinkdot10x10Knockdown / field assembled unit capabilities
  • 3pinkdot10x10ETL Labeled